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"Do you think only your religion is right, and everyone else is wrong?"

During our conversations with non-Christian people, often they become disagreeable and say, "You Christians think that only YOU are right and everyone else is wrong!" 

Well.... Yes!  If I didn't think that Jesus Christ was right, I wouldn't believe in Him.  To do otherwise would be hypocritical.   I won't play that game.  If Jesus is true, I will trust Him.   If He is not true, I won't trust Him. 

Everyone has their own ideas, and everyone believes that their own ideas are right.  And if my ideas don't agree with someone else's ideas, they naturally believe that they are right and I am wrong.  This principle works both ways.

So we cannot depend on mere human ideas. We must depend on God's own revelation to us in His Word, the Bible.  Here God reveals to us what we need to know for our salvation.  He shares with us truth which we are delighted to share with everyone.  If they reject it, that is their responsibility.  But it is still our joy to share with people so they can know His truth of salvation in Jesus Christ.