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"People have a right to have their own religion.  You shouldn't try to change them."

The world often criticizes Christians:  "You have your religion. That's fine.  Other people have different religions. And that's fine.  We are all really the same.  You have the right to believe what you want to believe, and they have a right to believe what they want to believe.  You have your faith and they have their faith.  You have your opinions and they have their opinions.  You have no business trying to change everyone else's opinion to conform with yours!  Leave them alone!"

How do we answer that?

Yes, everyone has differing beliefs, differing opinions, differing ideas, and everyone has the right to believe whatever they want.  We agree with that.  But just because someone has the right to believe something, that does not mean what they believe is right.   Let me illustrate with an example:

Suppose I were to say, "I believe that the world is flat.  It is not round.  It is not a sphere. No, that is false.  The earth is perfectly flat.  I believe that!  That is my right!"   Yes, that is my right, but is that belief right?  No, that belief wrong and it's stupid.  Why?  Because we have plenty of evidence that proves the earth is a sphere -- not flat.

We understand that principle in the physical world.  Just as it is true in the physical world, so also it is true in the spiritual realm.  People can have all the opinions they want.  But is there someone who has evidence -- the proof -- someone who has seen, someone who knows and can reveal to us what is spiritually true?   Yes, God Himself!  And He as told us in the Bible. 

People can follow their own ideas -- that's fine.  But I want to know God's ideas.  I trust HIM.  And I welcome others to join me.