The Mustard Seed
January 2016


by Don Peterson, Editor, Mustard Seed
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Weather seems to be in the news a lot these days.  It's December and people are running in Central Park in shorts and t-shirts, while in the west cars are sliding off icy roads.  Here in Delaware there has been a bit of rain.  No snow.  Windy at times, which I find invigorating.

I was very pleased to read about the recent 300 nation agreement on climate control.  If countries are able to decrease gases from burning coal and oil, we will be able to slow down the warming of our oceans.  As the oceans warm up, ice at the poles melts and the water from that melting causes the ocean level to rise.  One map shows the water level in Delaware 50 years from now ... and everything is under water!  Ruth and I won't be around then, but it means our grandchildren won't have any house at the shore.

There are the naysayers... people who insist we are worrying for nothing.  Naturally, the coal and oil burners are the leading naysayers.  The country of China is one of the top offenders.  We see pictures of people in Chinese cities wearing masks so they don't breathe in this soot.  Breathing causes a lot of lung damage.

Another cause for damage is the destruction of the rain forests, particularly in Brazil.  Trees 'breathe' in carbon dioxide.  They 'exhale' oxygen.  As the carbon dioxide increases in our air, more is absorbed by the oceans, and this causes the waters to warm up more, melting more of the ice at the poles.

Another gas that is harmful is methane.  This is released by cattle (people, too, but not in such great quantities).  When there are large herds in our west, there is a lot of methane produced.

We can help a lot by using cars run by electricity, not gasoline.  Hydrogen is another fuel that is harmless, since burning it just produces water.  This would be rather dangerous to handle.
That's enough ranting for this month.  Hopefully things will change for the better.  
~~Don Peterson

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