The Mustard Seed
February 2016


by Don Peterson, Editor, Mustard Seed
contact: dpete29@comcast.net



A while ago I lost my wife of 61 years.  Of course I am sad.  I haven’t had a chance to feel lonely.  My family has been at my house and has taken good care of me.  Ruth's health had been steadily declining over the past months.   She slept a lot and was often hard to wake her up.  Was this a sign of heart trouble?  I don't really know.

In a way, I am glad.  She went suddenly and there was no apparent pain.   That’s much better than having a long illness (ie: cancer) and having a lot of suffering.  So if God called her, I’m glad He took her up quickly.

Now what do I do?  At 86, I still have a few years left.  I plan to stay in my home in Delaware.  The weather here is, on the whole, quite nice.  I am so sorry when I see the weather reports and read about the tornadoes and floods in other parts of the United States.  My family comes out here often, especially during the summer, and it's good seeing them.  I do wish they wouldn't work so hard cleaning up the house and washing clothes.  I appreciate it, but they are still young and should enjoy life while they can. 

My brother Paul's wife died a few years ago.  His daughter urged him to go on line and try to hook up with a lonely lady.  He did, and hit it off with a lovely woman his age.  They married and are very happy. They travel a LOT! I doubt if I will be doing any long distance traveling.  Anyway, I doubt I could find a deaf woman my age who would be as nice as Ruth was.

My biggest problem is my lack of balance.  I am LD (labyrinthine defective).  If I stand straight with my feet together, I will fall over in a few seconds.  My doctor urges me to take physical therapy.  I don't think this is helpful.  The therapists don’t really understand LD. There is no cure for it.   I do need to strengthen my legs and be careful when I get up.  One nice thing about being LD is that we don't get seasick. The Navy proved this back in the 1960s when they put a group of us through a lot of tests.  WE had fun, but the poor sailors who went through the same tests suffered a great deal. 

~~ Don Peterson