The Mustard Seed
May 2015
Cracker Barrel

May 2002
Come ramble while through this exquisite weather
On days that are fleet to pass!
And buttercups burn in the grass!

May 2004
With verdure the wide Earth's overspread
The paths in May
Bow sweet to tread
Mid forests of perfume...
    (Such as the one in Highland Park in Rochester, NY.
It's full of lilac trees and bushes.)

May 2008
My lilac trees are old and tall;
I cannot reach their bottom at all.
They send their perfumes over trees
And roof and streets to find the bees!

This month I will not use my usual format, because the above three verses have put me in a reminiscing mood.  Looking back at all the places I have lived in, I see I've moved around a lot.  The most interesting place is Schnackel Drive in a cove of Irondequoit Bay.  This Bay is connected to Lake Ontario, one of the 5 great lakes.  Irondequoit Bay, with its many coves and an amusement park, a regular golf course, miniature golf, a beach park and a picnic park, all near Sea Breeze, is a tourist's delight. 
Irondequoit Bay is a gem with some history.  This is a travelogue, really.  At the top of the hill where everything is flat, is the town of Point Pleasant, a regular residential normal town with simple businesses, services and a movie house.

At the edge of town is an old, old road that, when you enter it, you enter a different world, a world of VERY woodsy slopes (right up and left down).  Watch the edges of the road.  This leads to Schnackel Drive.  Half way down is a house with a neat front yard.  Pine trees surround the whole area.  From there you get a panoramic view of Schnackel Drive cove below, circled with a string of odd sized/shaped cottages, all sharing the nice sized pond (their private neighborhood "pool").  The pond is loaded with docks for boats for private business use, for fishing, a ramp for a private pontoon plane.  There is even a grocery store in a regular house. It has a long dock with a tall pole at the end with the sign "FOOD."  It's a practical eye-sore which upsets the ethnical setting.  People from out of the cove do come into ours by motor boats and even row boats run by "egg-beater" motors.
The grocery store was next to our cottage.  I'd go next door for candy and ice cream.  Bless them.  Another house has a completely enclosed front porch and they sell a variety  of candies.  It's the Candy House!
This dirt road rumbles on, passing real close to several cottages, so close that from our kitchen window we could see drivers' faces peering through and we get face to face views!
No matter where you stand and look around, you get scenic views around you.  You also see what fascinating trash each house has.  You could put a price tag on some of the junk and "tourists" out for a junket drive would grab whatever appealed to them and call it ART.
Schnackel Drive ends at a clumpy sandy/dirt/bush.  You can't drive beyond that, but there are more cottages and bungalows which you have to walk to.  There is a special parking area set for the residents of these cottages.  I understand that one needs a permit to park there.  For hauling groceries, etc, they use ingenious methods for transferring such stuff.  I've seen a kid's red wagon, a wheelbarrow an old buggy ... anything!
On the "peninsula" was this one big old colonial style house that had seen better days.  A large, poor family lived there.  They were a happy-go-lucky one whose attitude and policy was "you go your way and we'll go our way."  They were friendly, earning money by being jack of all trades.  Very handy!  A couple of the other residents around the cove we were discreet with.  Mother always reminded me to whisper, because water carries sound.
~~ Ruth Peterson

Happy Mother's Day!

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