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September 2014



A Case For Sexual Purity
Part 1 -- Counter-Culture Lifestyle
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This year in our campus ministry we will tackle an important topic that has been neglected among Christian people in our day.  The Bible has so much to say about godly courtship that we pastors and teachers act as if Christians have automatically absorbed it, know it, believe it, and follow it.  Since it's in the Ten Commandments, what more needs to be said?
Your grandparents grew up in a culture that generally accepted the Bible's principles for dating and marriage, even if folks didn't always follow those principles.  But the culture in which we live today is so different, it is openly hostile to those principles.  Thinking and acting like a disciple of Jesus is no longer a matter of just going along with what is socially acceptable.  When we become followers of Christ, He calls us to stand out, stand strong, and if necessary, stand alone.
How the world responds to our life-style choices is self-conflicted.  On one hand, the world laughs at the Bible's principles for dating and marriage.  On the other hand, unbelievers have a faint memory of those principles of purity and faithfulness, so that when someone who professes to be a Christian violates any of those principles, the world is quick to condemn.  They judge us, not for violating God's design; they judge us as hypocrites, whose actions don't match our words.  And their judgment is correct.
So... let's dive in and tackle the one thing the world is obsessed with and the church likes to avoid:  Sex.
Now, here is a big shocker:  God thought of sex before any of us did.  Sex was originally His idea.  He invented it.  He designed it.  And He did it without the help of Hollywood, the Internet, and YouTube.  (Here is another big shocker:  The fact that we are even here is a clue that someone thought of sex before we did.)  "God saw all that He had made, and it was very good."...including sex. (Genesis 1:27, 28, 31)
As the sole designer and creator of sex, God has some very basic principles for the way He wants us to enjoy this great gift.  If we follow those principles, we will receive the greatest benefit and pleasure that He intended.  But if we reject God's design, we will not only miss the benefit He intended, we may experience personal heartache, which we can easily avoid if we only listen to the Bible's very practical advice.
The first principle of sex is this:  God intended sex for marriage, and only marriage.  His purposes for sex are (1) to nurture marital intimacy and commitment, (2) to serve and bless our spouse, and (3) make babies.  This principle is in direct contradiction to the core values of today's culture. 
Recently a popular men's magazine interviewed members of Duck Dynasty's Robertson family.  The first question was directed to Jase Robertson regarding his new book, Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl.  The interviewer sarcastically asked: "Do you actually expect people to believe that you waited until you got married before you had sex?"  Our guide for life is not what "people believe," but what the Designer proscribes.
"But... But... But..." I have heard people argue, "you really should have sex before you get marriage to be sure you are compatible."  Compatible?  What does that mean?  I can assure you, God made all of your body parts so they fit.  When you are married, God gives you a life-time together to learn together and figure each other out.  And as you grow old together, you continue learning and the more fun your special time together becomes.  This "compatibility" argument for premarital sex exposes a very immature understanding about physical intimacy in marriage.  Your wedding night is only the beginning of your life of discovery together.
In future installments in this series, we will look more at the questions of why and how to wait for sexual intimacy.  We will also look at the Bible's advice about who and when to marry.

~~Pastor Ron

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