The Mustard Seed
February 2014


by Don Peterson, Editor, Mustard Seed
contact: dpete29@comcast.net


As this is being written, we are in the midst of a national polar vortex, or something like that.  Temperatures in most places, mostly in the north-central states, are awfully low.  In some places, you can spill a glass of water outside and it becomes ice before it hits the ground. That is COLD!  So far, Delaware near the ocean hasn't been very bad.  A few snow flurries, but nothing on the ground.  Temperatures were down to 20 the other day.  The rule is -- if you don't have to go out, don't go.  Stay home.  Hopefully you have electricity and heat.  (That's another nice thing about Delaware ... few trees near the ocean, and electrical outages are rare.)
The original Roman calendars only had 10 months. The Romans considered winter a monthless time.  When they added 2 more months at the end of the year, Februarius came into existence.  The name came from the Latin februum, which means purification, since they had a purification ritual on Feb 15.  About 450 BC, it became the 2nd month.
February must have something going for it ...  the web says February is Black History month, National Children's Dental Health month, American Heart month, National Wise Health month and Parent Leadership month.  Whee!!
Groundhog Day is Feb 2, the same day as the Super Bowl.  Valentine's Day is Feb 14 and Presidents' Day is Feb 17.  Its birthstone is the Amethyst, and its flower is the Violet.  The Zodiac signs are Aquarius and Pisces.  Oh, yes, Feb 7 is National Wear Red Day.  Don't forget that one.
Speaking of Presidents' Day -- we recently had a lunch at a Washington restaurant named "The Founding Farmers."  I first thought that was a misspelling, and should have been Founding Fathers, but no ... it is Farmers.  In the restaurant they pointed out that many, if not most, of our founding fathers were farmers.  Washington had a large plantation at Mt. Vernon.  (He also was a distiller, and made a good amount of whiskey!)  Jefferson also was a farmer.  Of course, they used slaves to do the work, but reports seem to say they were good masters.
Now ... onto March!!  And warmth.
~~ Don Peterson