The Mustard Seed
May 2012



God is...
(Part 9)

Chuck Colson was famous for the wrong reasons.  When he worked for the Nixon administration, Colson became known as the mastermind for many of the administration's political dirty tricks.  He earned the nickname of being Nixon's "hatchet man." 
In the turmoil that surrounded the White House during the Watergate investigations, Colson resigned his position and he returned to his private law practice.  He hoped that his departure would help reduce bad publicity against the President and stop the legal investigations against the White House staff.
Shortly afterward a friend introduced Colson to Christ, and Colson believed.  Now his conscience bothered him over his previous misdeeds.  So Colson came forward, confessed his crimes. He was sentenced to serve time in a federal prison.  This experience awakened him to inadequacies in the criminal justice system.  Since then, the focus of his life's work has been to awaken Christians to serve prisoners and their families. 
(Chuck Colson died on April 21, 2012, at the age of 80. See www.prisonfellowship.org)
Not long after President Nixon also resigned and retired to private life, Colson was invited by a small group of university students to speak at their campus.  Memories of Nixon's abuse of power and the war in Viet Nam were still fresh in those students' minds.  The auditorium was packed with a hostile audience.
During the question and answer session following Colson's talk, one student asked, "Do you still have contact with Mr. Nixon?"
Colson recognized the trap that had been laid for him.  If Colson said, "Yes," he might lose all credibility in the eyes of these students.   Nonetheless, without apology, Colson marched right into the trap by saying, "Mr. Nixon is my friend, and I don't turn my back on my friends."
The audience exploded with cheers and applause.  Colson was stunned.  That was not the response he had expected.  Apparently those students placed a very high value on the loyalty of friendship.
This true story gives me some insight to the meaning of the word faithfulness.
When the Bible says that "God is faithful," I see people sign that two different ways.  Some sign "diligent," as an intense form of "regular" (right-right-right).  Others simply sign two English words, "faith full."  We may argue which, if either, accurately conveys the concept of God's faithfulness.  However, I see in that phrase, "God is faithful," a picture of loyalty.  God keeps his promises.  As the Bible says, "Even if we are not faithful, He will remain faithful.  He must be true to himself." 
(2 Timothy 2.13 NIrV)
During the past eight months we have looked at twelve important attributes or characteristics of God:
What should be our response to all that God is and all that He does?  Simply this -- to live in awe, repentance, faith, praise, and obedience.
We can learn a lesson from a group of farm animals who were discussing what they could do to show their appreciation to the farmer who cared for them. 
"I have an idea," said the chicken.  "Let's make him breakfast.  I can provide the eggs.  Pig, you supply the bacon."
Pig thought a minute and said, "That's fine for you, Chicken.  You're merely making a contribution.  For me, this is total commitment."

~~Pastor Ron

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