The Mustard Seed
March 2012



God is...
(Part 7)

Thus far in our study of God's attributes, we have seen that He is:
Now we look at an attribute that is a cousin of the three "omni's" -- God is eternal.  This means that God has no beginning and He has no end.  It means that God is the "First Cause" and Creator of all that exists.  "Eternity" means infinity of time, just as "omnipresence" is infinity of space.

Our feeble minds can't begin to grasp all that this means.  We who have been raised in European and American cultures, our minds have been trained to think of time as something that is linear and perpetual, constantly going in one direction.  Even astrophysicists and science fiction writers who fantasize about time warp and time travel still must put their pants on one leg at a time; still they look at their calendars and their watches so they won't be late for their next appointment.  Our daily lives are so bound by time that it is difficult for us to imagine how God is not limited by the constraints of time.

"God is eternal" is so hard to believe that one life-long church member asked me, "Who made God?"  I responded that if someone "made God," then that one we have been calling "God," is not in fact really God, but an imposter.  And while you speculate about "Who made God?" then you must naturally follow that question with, "Who made God's maker?"  and then, "Who made him?" On and on it goes until you finally arrive at "The First Cause" of all that exists.  And only that "First Cause" is worthy of the title: Eternal God.

What does the Lord YHWH ("I AM") say about Himself?

The Lord says, "You are my witnesses and the servant I chose. I chose you so you would know and believe me, so you would understand that I am the true God. There was no God before me, and there will be no God after me. I myself am the Lord; I am the only Savior... I have always been God." (Isaiah 43.10-13 NCV) 

The Lord created the heavens. He is the God who formed the earth and made it.... This is what the Lord says: "I am the Lord. There is no other God... There is no other God besides me.  I am the only good God. I am the Savior.  There is no other God.  All people everywhere, follow me and be saved.  I am God. There is no other God." (Isaiah 45.18-22)

Lord, you have been our home for all generations.  Before the mountains came into existence, before you created the earth and the universe, from eternity to eternity you are God. (Psalm 90.1-2)

The Bible says many times and in many ways that not only is God eternal, but so are all of His attributes.  His omniscience and omnipotence are eternal.  His holiness and justice are eternal. And His mercy and His love for you are eternal.  Because He is not bound by the limits of time, Christ's sacrifice on the cross could fully pay your debt of sin long before you were born. 

~~Pastor Ron

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