The Mustard Seed
April 2010




Once again the Gallaudet community is feeling pain and anger, as economic pressures force the University administration to make the difficult decision to reduce the payroll.  Some who read this may be among those who have been given their "pink slip."  Many others are colleagues who not only are upset by what has happened to their friends, but they also wonder, "Am I next?"

Which hurts more:  Losing your job?  Or the way that your firing was handled?

Often times when an organization is "downsizing," the standard operating procedure which seeks to protect corporate assets from malicious destruction by unhappy employees does great damage to dignity and self respect of those who are told to clear their offices, turn in your ID and your keys, and vacate the campus immediately. 

If that has been your experience, you are in good company.  When Coach Tony Dungy was fired from the head coaching position of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he received the same humiliating treatment from the team owners.  Yes, that hurt... a lot.  But as a committed Christian, Coach Dungy knew that he served a higher "Boss" who still had work for him to do.  At that time Coach Dungy could not imagine the next chapter of his life -- becoming head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and winning the Super Bowl.

When people close one door in your life, God opens another door, in His time and in His way.  Often that time seems slow in coming, and His way is difficult.  Your biggest challenge during that waiting time is guarding your heart from bitterness.  Christ can release the chains that keep you emotionally shackled to the ones who seem to have betrayed you. (Please read  the New Testament book of Hebrews, chapters 11 and 12.)

"Let us keep looking to Jesus.  He is the author of faith. He also makes it perfect.  He paid no attention to the shame of the cross.  He suffered there because of the joy He was looking forward to.  Then He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  He put up with attacks from sinners.  So think about Him.  Then you won't get tired.  You won't lose hope." (Hebrews 11.2,3 NIrV)

The things that Jesus experienced on Good Friday were far worse than anything that has ever happened to us.  It was not just physical suffering that Jesus felt.  He experienced true isolation, abandonment, and the horrors of hell itself, just so we would never need to go through that for eternity.  Because He was there for our sin, we were the ones who nailed Him to the cross.  Yet the first words He spoke from the cross was a prayer for us:  "Father, forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing." 

Not long after the horror of Good Friday there came a joyous day of resurrection.  And the same will also come to all who "keep looking to Jesus."
~~ Pastor Ron

[Next month we will resume our series on how to respond to temptation.]

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