The Mustard Seed
February 2009



Divine Guidance
Part 5

How does almighty God usually communicate to mortals?  Thus far in our series we have examined three ways in which God shows us what we need to know and how He tells us what we ought to do.

First, God has already revealed His concern for each one of us in the Bible.  Does the Bible really speak to the issues we face in our daily lives?  Yes, it certainly does.  The problem is that many people who attend church don't bother to read the Bible for themselves.  They feel intimidated by the size of the Bible -- over 1000 pages.  It seems like it would take a long time to read through the whole Bible.  True, but what's the hurry?  We should study the Bible every day for the rest of our lives, so we have plenty of time.  Actually, a simple daily reading guide, like one posted on www.christdeaf.org/bible can help you read the entire Bible in just one year. 

Another problem people have in reading the Bible is that sometimes they are intimidated by difficult language. Fortunately, we now have several translations in modern English.  Many Deaf folks like to use the New International Reader's Version (NIrV), or the New Century Version.  If you prefer, get the ASL version on DVD from www.deafmissions.org.

Second, God guides us through the counsel of godly friends and mentors.  He especially gives us direction through people who are in authority over us.  Often our thinking on an issue is clouded by our lack of experience, our ignorance of Scripture, or our own desires.  Godly advisors can help connect our situation with Biblical principles, or they can alert us to hidden dangers.

Third, God often guides us through circumstances beyond our control.  We may experience a career change, not by choice, but by force of circumstance.  Is the hand of God in that kind of situation?  Yes.

A fourth way that God may guide us is through a sense of inner peace that confirms a right decision, or the lack of peace that signals a wrong decision.  Unfortunately, many Christians try this step first.  They skip the Bible and godly counsel.  They simply monitor their own feelings and interpret circumstances according to their preferences,  and with that they assume God is leading them.  Big mistake!  However, for those who sincerely desire to do God's will, and have acquired the mind of Christ through diligent study of the Bible, the Spirit of Christ will guide them. 

The Bible says, "The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4.7)   We could properly translate that word "guard" as "referee."  Just as a referee in sports blows a whistle, throws a flag, or raises a hand when a player commits a foul, so also God's peace -- or more precisely, the lack of peace -- alerts us when we are disobedient, or when we are making a harmful decision.  Colossians 3.15 tells us, "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts."   This is the conscience awakened by the Spirit of God through training in the Word of God.
~~Pastor Ron

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