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October 2008


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Divine Guidance
Part 2

When you face an important decision, and you want to know God's plan for you, how do you discover that plan?  This year we are seriously examining principles of divine guidance.   Last month we looked at two important prerequisites to receiving God's leading: (1) Submit your desires to God's desires.  Want what He wants.  Be willing to will the will of God.   And (2) obey God in the little decisions, the daily choices you make.  If we do not obey Him in the small stuff, He has no reason to expect that we will accept His counsel about the big issues. 

But if we really want to follow God's plan in every area of our lives, how do we actually find out that plan?  The first and most important source of information is what God has already clearly told us in the Bible.  If God has already revealed His mind on a subject, we don't need to pray about it.

Every once in a while I meet a church worker -- a pastor, a teacher, a secretary -- in an affair.  Usually they tell me things like, "God led us together."  Or "I prayed about it."  Or "I wasn't looking for this to happen."  They not only break one of the clearest commandments in the Bible, they also blame God for their behavior.

This principle is easy to understand when the question involves a moral issue cited in the Ten Commandments:  lying, stealing, adultery.  But the Bible also offers clear counsel in many matters for which we simply need wisdom.  For example...

What should you say to a friend who asks you to cosign for a loan?   What does the Bible say?   "Don’t promise to pay what someone else owes, and don’t guarantee anyone's loan. If you cannot pay the loan, your own bed may be taken right out from under you." 
(Proverbs 22.26-27)   You don't need to spend one second thinking about it.  You don't need to discuss it.  You don't need to pray about it.  The answer is clear:  "No!"  And you spare yourself the pain of learning the lesson through bitter experience.

Another example...
A single mother of a 13-year old boy called me asking my advice.  Her son had stayed overnight at a friend's house.  Then next day when she did the laundry, she found that he had a new pair a blue jeans.  She asked her son about it, and he said, "My friend gave them to me." 

That seemed a bit strange to her.  Teenage boys don't give away their new clothes to friends.  She called her son's friend, and learned that her suspicions were right.  He had stolen the jeans.   

After she drove her son over to the friend's house to return the jeans, she knew that the matter still was not settled.  She told me, "I am really worried.  My son has never done anything like this before, but this is only the first step.  I have to work and I can't be home when he comes home from school.  He can get on his bike and go anywhere and get into serious trouble.  I don't know what to do."

Neither did I!  I said a quick prayer for God's wisdom for this mother.  The answer came back with a simple thought:  "What does the Bible say?"  Duh! Right! 

I told the mother, "The Bible says that if someone is caught stealing, and he still has the stolen item in his possession, he must return it DOUBLED.  ... return the stolen item, plus one more just like it. 
[Exodus 22.4]  So my advice is:  Direct your son to find work to earn enough money and then buy his friend a second pair of jeans." 

The mother said, "That's a great idea!  We will do it!"   And it worked.  Her son stayed out of trouble for the rest of his teen years.

The Bible is loaded with practical wisdom for daily life.  But suppose we face a decision that doesn't have a clear answer in the Bible?  How should we seek God's direction?   

.... to be continued...
~~ Pastor Ron

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