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March 2008

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"Prove it!"
(Part 4)
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Two events in life of Jesus are major stumbling blocks for many people:  His conception and His resurrection. 

Since there is no way to verify from either history or science that Jesus was miraculously conceived without any male sperm, skeptics don't waste their time by arguing against the Bible's claim that Jesus' mother was a virgin.  An obvious rational explanation is that Mary and Joseph were fooling around.

But the Bible's claim concerning the resurrection, that is a problem for the skeptic.  Even though it is biologically impossible for a human body that has been clinically dead for a day and a half to be resuscitated back to life, the historical evidence for the empty tomb is overwhelming.  Even Christ's enemies published an admission that the tomb was empty, claiming that His disciples stole the body.

The "stolen body" theory is most doubtful, since hardened Roman soldiers guarded the tomb, while Jesus' disciples were so scared that they hid in fear that they would be killed just like their teacher.  Furthermore, if the disciples had stolen the body and then they claimed that Jesus had risen from the dead, that would mean they went out to die as martyrs for what they knew to be a lie.  The "stolen body" theory does not account for the overwhelming personal eye-witness accounts of the resurrection, nor does it explain how lives were forever changed for those who met the risen Christ.

Modern day critics of Christianity have concocted even more bizarre theories to explain the empty tomb.  Some claim that Jesus secretly had an identical twin brother, and it was the brother who died on the cross in his place.  Another popular theory is that Jesus' disciples only imagined that he rose from the dead -- over 500 of them had the same hallucination?  Of course the serious flaw in both of those theories is that the enemies of Christ could have easily proven that he was still dead by simply opening the tomb. 

The historical record documents that the enemies of Christ actually did examine the tomb and verified that it was empty.  Explaining how it became empty has been the challenge.  ...unless the eyewitnesses were telling the truth.  And that would mean Jesus was also telling the truth when He said, "The Son of Man [Christ] did not come to be served.  He came to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many people." (John 14:16 NCV)  It would also validate the other claims the Bible makes about Christ.

~~Pastor Ron

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