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December 2008

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Divine Guidance
Part 4

What is God's plan for your life?  When you face difficult decisions, how can you get God's direction?  There is an effective source for God's counsel which is applicable to our daily lives.  Sadly, the popular culture, in its race toward self-destruction, rejects divine wisdom as out-of-date nonsense.  The Bible speaks practical truth to every area of life.  We do well to heed its counsel.  And we are fools to reject it. 

However, there are times in which we face difficult decisions, when all available choices are good, moral, and right, when there is no clear "right" or "wrong" choice.  What major should you choose?  Should you live on campus or off campus?   Which car should you buy?  There are no Bible verses which give us direct answers to practical questions such as these. 

Last month we looked at one important way God guides us through these kinds of decisions -- the advice of mature Christians who live by God's wisdom, who know us well, and who understand our circumstances.  These friends and advisors often can foresee problems that we naively overlook.  Often they recommend options which we have not considered.  Their counsel protects us from hidden dangers.  They encourage us toward paths on which our interests and talents can find expression in service to other people, and in service to God.

A third way that God often answers our prayers for guidance is His control of circumstances.  My wife and I saw this during our first house-shopping experience. 

After a good friend steered us away from a bad deal, we finally found a house that seemed like a good fit for us.  This house was in good condition.  The neighborhood suited us well.  We even had close friends living in the same subdivision.  The house had been up for sale for many months.  And the price was right.  So, we agreed, "Let's buy this one."  We met with our Realtor to sign the papers to make an offer.  We said a prayer for God's guidance and blessing.  Then we waited.  At the end of the day our Realtor called us back to report that we were too late. The owner had received three offers on the house all on the same day, and we were number three.

Were we disappointed?  No.  God obviously did not want us to have that house.  Maybe He wanted that house for some one else.  Maybe He was protecting us from a problem which we could not anticipate.  Maybe God had something better for us.  The "why" question is not important.  We had asked God to guide us through the purchase of our first home.  We believe that He was doing exactly that.  And in this situation, He chose to use circumstances to guide us.

When we are unemployed and looking for a job, God will often answer our prayers for guidance by "closing a door."  When He does that, we should thank Him, and then keep looking, keep "knocking" on other doors. 

I must issue one caution here.  When we are seeking God's guidance, we must be very careful not to assume that circumstances always communicate the will of God, especially when the circumstances seem to be leading us to do something that violates God's moral law.  I cannot count how many times Christian people get into adulterous relationships, believing that God had led them together.  They were coworkers or neighbors, and they fell in love.  It appeared to them that the circumstances all point to God's will -- in clear violation of His Commandment, "You must not commit adultery."   God's guidance in Scripture takes precedence over all other indicators.
[...to be continued...]

~~Pastor Ron

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