The Parables of Jesus
Suggestions for teaching the parables

Lesson handouts (or bulletin inserts) list elements of each parable, with space after each for students to write notes.  Our note page for the parable of the sower looks like this:

Farmer = __________________________________________
Seed =  ___________________________________________
Road =  ___________________________________________
Birds =  ___________________________________________
Rocky soil = _______________________________________
Sun = ____________________________________________
Weeds = __________________________________________
Good soil = ________________________________________
Fruit =  ___________________________________________
Application to me: ___________________________________

As you introduce each element in the story, write it on a marker board or easle pad, and invite students to offer their suggestions as what that element means.  Then discuss it.

I did not deliver these sermons precisely in the order in which I have listed them here.  When a Sunday fell on or near a holiday, I chose a parable appropriate for that day.  

The following parables are not included in this series include:
Wide & Narrow Gates (Mt 7:13-14; Lk 13:22-30)
Owner of a House (Mt 13:51-52, Lk 6:45)
Tenant farmers  (Mt 21:33-46, Mk 12:1-11, Lk 20:9-18)  (See Pastor John Reinke's sermon on the Parable of the Tenants.)
Faithful vs faithless Servants (Mt 24:45-51, Luke 12:42-48)
Blind leading the blind (Lk 6:39)
Fig Tree in the vineyard #1 (Luke 13:6-9)
Fig Tree #2 (Mt 24:32-35,  Luke 21:29-31, Mk 13:28-29)

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