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The Athanasian Creed

Anyone wanting salvation must hold
    that one universal [united] Christian faith [trust].

Anyone not trusting that truth,
    they /will truly become cost forever/
    [truly become lost forever, will.]

Now here is our universal faith:
    We worship God, 1 in 3, and 3 in 1,
    not confusing those three persons,
    and not dividing that 1 God.

The Father is 1 person.
The Son is [R] another person, and
The Holy Spirit is [L] another person.

But the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 1 God,
    equal having glory, together having power forever.

What is the Father,
    also that
[same-R] is the Son,
        and also that 
[same-L] is the Holy Spirit.

Who made the Father?  No one!
Who made the Son?  No one!
Who made the Holy Spirit?  No one!

The Father has /no limit/ [limit none],
The Son has no limit, and
The Holy Spirit has no limit.

The Father lives forever.
The Son lives forever.
The Holy Spirit lives forever.

They are not 3 living forever, but only 1 living forever.

Same as they are not 3 having no limit,
    and they are not 3 having no beginning and no maker,

but only 1 having no limit.
    and only 1 having no beginning and no maker.

The Father is almighty,
The Son is almighty, and
The Holy Spirit is almighty.
They are not 3 almighties, but only 1 almighty.

The Father is God,
The Son is God, and
The Holy Spirit is God.
They are not 3 Gods, but only 1 God.

The Father is Lord,
The Son is Lord, and
The Holy Spirit is Lord.
They are not 3 Lords, but only 1 Lord.

Christian truth requires that we recognize
    each person++ as God and Lord.

Can we say they are 3 Gods and 3 Lords?  No!
    The universal Christian faith forbids that.

No one made the Father,
The Father is from no one,
and the Father himself has no father [dad].

No one made the Son,
but the Son is from the Father alone.
and The Father is The Son's [His] father [dad].

No one made the Holy Spirit,
The Holy Spirit has no father [dad].
But the Holy Spirit is from both the Father and the Son.

[up] There is 1 Father, not 3 Fathers,
    1 Son, not 3 Sons,
    1 Holy Spirit, not 3 Holy Spirits,

In that Trinity [3-in-1 God], Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    no One is before Another, no One is after Another;
    no One is above [exceed], no One is below [less].

All 3 persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    are equal together forever.
We worship 1 in 3, and 3 in 1.

Also, anyone wanting salvation must believe
    that Jesus Christ became true man.

For true faith, we believe and confess that
    our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,
        is God and man.

Jesus Christ is God same-as the Father is God.
Christ is the Son of God before the world began.

Jesus Christ is man, human from His mother,
    born into this [here] world.

Jesus Christ is both perfect God and perfect man.
Jesus has a human soul that can think and feel.
Jesus also has a human body.

As God, Jesus Christ and the Father are equal.
And as human, Jesus Christ is below the Father.

Jesus Christ is both God and man.
But Jesus Christ is not 2.
He is only 1 Christ.

God did-not "becoming man -- change."
No, God added human nature, including-it-into God.

Jesus Christ is 1 person,
    not mixing His 2 natures, God and man.

Mind and body together is 1 human person,
same-as God and man together make 1 Christ.

Jesus Christ suffered for our salvation.
He died.
He descended into hell.
On the third day, He rose again.
He ascended into heaven.
He sits near God the Father Almighty,
    [Father [L] sit [hold the sign], Son right sit.]
From heaven Christ will come to judge all people, living and dead.

When [happen] Christ comes again,
    all dead people in their bodies will rise alive again,
    and they will answer God for their actions.
Those /who have done good/ [doing good finish],
    they will go into life forever.
Those who have done evil,
    they will go into fire forever.

That is the universal Christian faith.
Anyone wanting salvation, he must trust that.
Any refusing, /can't be-saved/ [saved can't].