Christ Deaf Online Academy

1. Who are you?

Christ Deaf Online Academy is a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf  in Silver Spring, Maryland, in colaboration with Our Savior Deaf Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin, and Word of God Lutheran Church for the Deaf in Davenport, Iowa.


2. Do I need to register in order to get the lessons?

Registration is not required.  You may download courses and study the lessons on your own.  However, if you want to use the online worksheets or if you want someone to check your homework and give you feedback, please enroll using the New Student Registration form.  We will reply by giving you information on how to log into the online worksheets.  We will also connect you with a mentor.

3. What do you mean by "mentor"?  Who are your mentors?

A mentor is someone who has knowledge and experience and is willing to share it with another person who wants to learn.  Our mentors are mature Deaf Christians who have a heart for encouraging others to grow in faith in Christ and to express that faith in their daily lives. 


4. Is your Academy for Deaf people only?

ANYONE -- Hearing or Deaf -- can enroll.  Several hearing international students study our lessons because our materials are written for the benefit of people for whom English is a foreign language.  All who find these lesson helpful are free to use them. 

We have two kinds of courses:  Some are only text, and others are videos in ASL.  You choose the track that you want to study.  


5. Will I receive a certificate when I finish the class?

Yes.  When registered students finish a course, we send them a certificate of completion.


6. How much does this cost?

The Christ Deaf Online Academy is free.  We do not charge any fees. 

7. What is the difference between the Bible Tour courses and the OT/NT Introduction courses?

The Bible Tour courses focus on the Bible stories, using multiple-choice questions.  The Old Testament and New Testament Introduction courses are harder, as you dig deeper into Bible history, background, and authors.  

8. Do you teach Sign Language?

No, the focus of our program is the Bible, the Christian faith, life, and ministry.  See our Sign Language Resource page for ASL programs and online dictionaries.  Also check with your local community college.

9. If I don't have a computer with internet, can I study with the Academy?

Yes.  You can send us your completed lessons through the mail.  (Our ministry serves several Deaf prisoners who have no access to the internet.)