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Faith Basics

Luther's Small Catechism
Deaf Edition

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Faith Basics is a 20-lesson course on the foundations of the Christian faith.  Using Martin Luther's Small Catechism, we answer basic questions, such as:
  • How and where can we learn about God?
  • How can we have a right relationship with God?
  • Who is God?
  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the difference between "Law" and "Gospel"?
  • How can I be certain that God forgives me?
You will study teachings of the Christian faith as we find them in
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Apostles' Creed
  • The Lord's Prayer
You will also learn what the Bible teaches about
  • Baptism
  • The Lord's Supper
  • Confession and Forgiveness
  • The Christian Church